Friday, October 1, 2010

Famed Arab space scientist believes in ghouls

Dr Farouq al-Baz has worked for NASA for the past 43 years (File)

PARIS (Kamal Qubeissi)
Arab world’s most prominent space scientist working in NASA believes in supernatural creatures, but admits he has no evidence to prove otherwise except for his faith in the Quran.

Dr Farouq al-Baz, who worked 43 years in NASA, told that he was sure that the ghouls, Jinns and demons live among us and said that he came to the conclusion through his scientific predisposition meshed with his complete believe in Quran verses signifying their existence.

Quran denotes to Jinn as creatures created from fire, while humans are created from mud.

Dr al-Baz said that Quran is his best inspiration, adding that the Quran compels Muslims to think beyond and contemplate.

A new planet that celebrates new year every 37 days
When asked about the new planet, Gliese 581G, as it is a potentially an Earth-like planet; Dr al-Baz said that the discovery of any substance of life on that planet will keep the door wide-open for extensive and unprecedented philosophical, scientific and religious debates, and will help to end the perplexity that plagued humanity for million years accentuated with the perennial question whether if “we live by ourselves in this vast universe or are there other creatures that share out existence.”

Gliese 581G generated great interest in the scientific circles as it has temperature right for liquid water on its surface, and potentially capable of supporting extremophile or microbes forms of Earth-like life.

Dr al-Baz also compared his belief in the Jinn, whom he never saw, with space scientist believing in lives existing in other planets outside our solar system, whom they never saw or met either.

“Whatever eluded those (space scientists) to the other planet is only computer calculations for the revolving star around 581G.”

“Who knows maybe the “Gliesians” also are curiously trying to find lives on other planets as we are,” he added.

In astronomical terms, the Gliese 581G system is relatively close to Earth, at a distance of 20.3 light years (192 trillion km or 119 trillion miles) in the direction of the constellation of Libra.

(Translated from Arabic by Dina al-Shibeeb)