Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First book out on Hindutva terrorism

Book Cover: Godse's ChildrensJUST PUBLISHED
First book out on Hindutva terrorism
New Delhi, 20 September 2011: A New Delhi publisher has just brought out “Godse’s Children - Hindutva Terror in India”, the first book on Hindutva terror. Authored by the veteran writer Subhash Gatade, the book covers one of the hottest subjects in modern Indian history - Hindutva terror perpetrated by about a dozen terrorist outfits allied to the Sangh Parivar. Spread over 400 pages, the book is an exhaustive study of this phenomenon which was first exposed by the Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare after these terror outfits remained active for years exploiting a most ingenious way in which both the victims and the arrested “terrorists” were Muslims.
The book looks into the ideological and historical roots of Hindutva terrorism, foreign linkages and dimensions, main outfits, actors, planners and ideologues, major terror blasts and explosions by these outfits, which remain mostly unprobed, and why investigating agencies are going slow on some of the known players of Hindutva terror.
The book has been brought out by Pharos Media. Earlier in 2009, it had published “Who Killed Karkare?” which has been translated into seven Indian languages and has changed the perception of terrorism in the country.

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