Sunday, April 15, 2012

MEASI IAS/Civil Services training centre

Assalamu allaikum Brothers,
As a Life member of Muslim Educationao Association of Southern India(New college) I brought a resolution in the General Body in 2008 to start training to IAS/ State Civil services. But unfortunately it was defeated.
I became the Executive member of MEASI in 2011 by the grace of Allah.
During the Executive meeting of MEASI on 12/04/2012 at Chennai, New College premises,
I read out the resolution on the formation of IAS/Civil services training centre at New College premises and it was unanimously passed.
There are mushroom training centres recently in the name of our community to exploit the ignorance of such training. Alert our boys and girls not to fall pray for any duping and deceiving.
Insha Allah a methodical training is going to start in the ensuing academic year at New college, June, 2012 to prepare the candidates for writing the preliminary examination in May, 2013.
Pray for success.

AP,Mohamed Ali    

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