Saturday, November 23, 2013

ANHAD brings out second round of ‘truth’ against Modi

Presided by Shabnam Hashmi and Manan Trivedi, Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) held a press conference to bring out ‘Kaccha Chittha 2’ (exposing truth II) at India Women’s Press Conference office in Windsor Palace.
The press conference was organized to highlight the loopholes in Narendra Modi’s claim of development in Gujarat, the pathetic condition of democracy in the state and lack of governance. The documents released in the press conference primarily dealt with grants of lands to Adani Group of companies by Modi’s government in Gujarat violating SEZ guidelines.

“The guidelines of SEZ were violated as it says that the “land has to be congruous” but the Gujarat government circumvented the rules and sold them as separate lands so that they could avoid its auctioning and taking the cabinet in confidence,” Hashmi said.
“Land upto 5,46,56,819 metre (5465 HECTARE) was sold to Adani through 30 orders from 2005 to 2007 for SEZ,” reads the figure in the document released by ANHAD. Other high points read:
· All rules were bent backwards. Twenty five applications for land were submitted on two consecutive days – 22 & 23 /12/03 and the other five on 23/12/2003, 5/10/2004, 23/06/2006, 3/07/2006 and for the last application date is not available.
· 23 orders for sale of land were released on a single day 15/07/2005
· The price of land charged from Adani was between Rs. 2.5- Rs 25 per sq meter when the market rate was between Rs 1000 to Rs.1,500 a square metre.
· The District Valuation Committee set up by the Gujarat Govt set the price very low so that land could be given at cheap rates. Even then the rates charged in most of the cases are much lower than the rates prescribed by the valuation committee.
“In Gujarat, the stamp duty for land is 8.4% which means if the cost of land is Rs. 100 then the stamp duty on stands as Rs. 8.4 but in the case of Gujarat the norms were inverted. For example, lands were shockingly sold for Rs. 6 whose stamp duties only were Rs. 300-400. That was the ratio. What can be bigger fraud than this?” she asked the media persons.
While throwing on the destruction of the villages brought about by the Modi-Adani nexus she said, “A big chunk of land in Gujarat is used for pastoral farming which the government sold to Adanis as a result of which animal husbandry has suffered fatal blows over there and the community living along the coast lines have lost their livelihood.”
Taking a shot on his victory in Gujarat for the third time despite all the corruption cited by CAG report or through the reports of organization like AHHAD she said that he may win in many ways and although a big size of middle class rallies for him but there are lots of movements going on in the villages of Gujarat and there is widespread anger against him in the rural area which obviously the mainstream media does now air.
“In the 70 villages of tribal belt, where he has promised to raise a bust of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, have been organizing rallies which are being attended by thousands of villages as there the sword of a direct threat of their forced displacement from the villages, due to the sites being chosen for building Patel’s statue, is dangling upon them,” she said.
The report has been made available on,, www., for all to read.
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